ZCOOL (站酷)

Design inspiration and portfolios



Home page top tabs, add new tabs, scrolling
Create new project: Pick images, add description and metadata
Project details page and full screen carousel
Illustrated onboarding. Spells out ZCOOL


App Store screenshots

ZCOOL is China's biggest platform for designers to share their work, build their portfolio, find other designers and get inspiration. It's pretty similar to Behance. As of August 2018, the website had 9.4M monthly page views. In addition to a being an open platform, it also has promoted content, events, jobs, courses and more.

Recommendations: High quality original content waiting for you

Details: Immersive reading experience

Upload work: Let your work do the talking

Messages: Make your message clear

More: Explore good content in unknown areas

Navigation bar details

Current nav bar design: Nice use of subtle microinteractions. Each icon has a tiny animation when you tap on it

Previous nav bar design: The icons spelled out ZCOOL. Nice detail as well

Onboarding illustrations

New app update: changes, more than just a little bit

Home personalized recommendations: Look at good design you want to see

Add to lists: Good designs to your lists

Message aggregation: Fast, accurate

Shake to send feedback

Product details page

Featured thumbnail, profile and follow, project details. Bottom: Comment, Like, Star

Full screen carousel

Project info dropdown, related works, comments



Name, Location | Role, Bio

Share, copy URL, Report

Private message; Following

Popularity, Integral score, Followers, Following

Home, Recommended, About, Timeline

Number of uploads

Sort by: Time, Most Commented, Most Recommended

Profile screen details

Profile, Popularity page, List of point deducation rules for bad behaviour, Followers, Following: Users, Teams

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