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Spectre Camera

AI powered long exposures

Spectre is the most advanced computational shutter for iPhone. Here's how to use it: Tap the Shutter

Hold steady while Spectre intelligently takes and combines hundreds of photos...

Presto. A long exposure. It's a Live Photo. Try pressing it to watch the exposure. You can share it as a still photo or as a video!

3 more things: Steady as she goes. Spectre has powerful AI-based stabilization. For a sharp shot, keep an eye on the little stabilizer icon!

2 more things: Auto-magic. With some AI magic, Spectre will choose your shutter type. In the daytime, it can make people disappear and create beautiful water effects. At night, it will capture light trails.

One more thing: From snap to lapse. Set anywhere from a short exposure to a long shutter speed with the time dial.

Time to get started. We need a few permissions before we can begin: Camera access, Photo Library Access, Location Access

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