Let's get started! Tap the bubbles to let us know your goals: Healthy living, Eat fit, Easy cooking, Discover recipes

Low & slow or easy & speedy? Drag the wheel to set your ideal cooking time.

How many mouths? Drag the wheel to tell us how many you're cooking for.

Save, spend, or splurge? Drag the wheel to indicate your budget.

Following any diet? Tap the bubbles to tell us what diets you are after. Low sugar, Good fats, Vegan, Nut free, Low calorie, Gluten free, Veggie, High protein, Dairy free, Flexi

Any dislikes? Tap the things we shouldn't put on your plate. Fish, Lamb, Pork, Bread, Beef, Pickles, Honey, Chilli

Where are we? Let us know if you're in the UK, where we deliver ingredients to you! UK, Rest of the world

Thank you for the details! Want to receive hot new recipes and get tailor made recommendations? No, Yes

You'll receive your grocery from: Ocado. The minimum order value is GBP 40, exclusive of service & delivery fee.

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