It's so lovely to meet you. We offer one 10-minute meditation session a day, on weekdays, at 3pm eastern.

Our intention: In our daily session, we'll learn what it means to 'check in' with ourselves. How do we become aware of our present state? Our goal is to help you live a more joyous life. Our teachers come from a variety of meditation traditions, and with anchoring themes each month, we'll practice a spectrum of evidence-based meditations to more imagination-based meditations.

Tap in was created at Fictive Kin with bounties of love. Cameron Koczon, Margaux Le Pierrès, Mallory Box, Larry Legen, Bedrich Rios, Bri Camp, Jared McKnight, Neil Cline, Nicky Bienstock, Ruven, Jaik Avanian.

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