04 turo list your car
05 six add to list
11 tripadvisor create trip
08 artsy request to sell art
06 goat request to sell
05 tasty leave tip
04 coinbase create price alert
05 mucho add to basket
05 slowly receiving sending letter
05 anchor create podcast
06 anchor recording podcast
03 tumblr create post
05 swarm checkin
04 slowly avatar creation
02 trips by lonely planet create travel story
03 must app write review
05 foursquare write review
03 universe creating a personal site
03 nirow create habit
03 waze start navigation
02 google tasks create task
06 ifttt create applet
06 tiktok create record
06 pacemaker create a mix
05 pinterest saving pin creating board
08 timepage create event
06 tinycards create deck
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Creating a personal site

What kind of site do you want to make?

What's your name?

Where can people find you online?

How can people contact you?

What's your story? A short bio. Where you live, what you do etc.

What photo best captures you?

Creating a personal site
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Create applet

If this then that

New Applet: Combiner any two services. Select a trigger and action service, customize their fields and give your Applet a name.

Create applet
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Create a mix

Press the plus button, choose first track from your Spotify, add more tracks

Find matching tracks. For a smoother mix, pick a track with a higher Match Score

Create a mix

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