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Cake Browser

A browser just for your phone

Cake Technologies, Inc.

Joe Wilson

Director of Product

Spencer Smith

Principal Engineer

Byron Hundley

Senior iOS Developer

Cake's pitch is that most mobile browsers are just stripped down versions of web browsers and have antiquated functionalities. The mobile browser for millenials and gen-Z.
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October 2018
App Store Screenshots
Onboarding Permissions
Doing a Search
Onboarding for making a Search
Onboarding Checklist
Share With Friends
Change App Icon
Onboarding and permissions
Initiating a search, coach mark for searching
Search for photos, videos, news
Saving or bookmarking a page
Incognito mode
Settings and inviting friends
Onboarding checklist: Groups
Onboarding checklist: Slices
Onboarding checklist: Add to dock
Onboarding checklist: Quick tips
Share modal with video
Change app icon