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Google, Inc.

Christian Charsagua

Interaction Designer

Min-Sang Choi

Senior Interaction Designer

Tim Wantland

Design Lead & Manager

Adrian Pittman

UX Design Lead

Heather Luipold

Creative Lead

Peter Ciccotto

UX Design Lead

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October 2018
Pre setup onboarding
Onboarding and setup
First time use coach marks
Default states and asking permissions
Preferences and Customization
Onboarding slides
Onboarding setup
Coach mark on keyboard
Searching for videos
Empty states for contacts and maps
Coach mark for creating gifs
Recording a gif and coach mark
Breaking news filter
Swiping to switch filters
Door slamming and flower filters
Icon animation for switching camera
Coach mark suggestions for sending gifs
Browsing and adding sticker sets
Changing keyboard theme