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Pay credit card bills


Kunal Shah


Harish Sivaramakrishnan

Design and Product

Hareesh TR

Design and Product

Anoop Kumar


Harikrishnan Sreenath

Design and Product

Vivek Unni

Design and Product

Vimaldev Kunnumma

Design and Product

Ajinkya Bhagwat

Design and Product

Nandini Gangal

Design and Product

Mayank Khandelwal

Design and Product

Jibin Joseph

Illustrator and Visual designer

Jibin Francis


Midhun Mohan

Motion Designer

Siddharth Singh

Product Designer

Akshay K K

Product Designer

Cred is an app that lets you pay your credit card bills, detects hidden charges and gives you rewards for every bill you pay. This is an invite-only app in India, available only to folks above a high credit score threshold. I've been using it to pay my credit card bills over the last few months and really like the clean experience it offers compared to my bank's app.
April 2020
App Store Screenshots
App Store Screenshots
Home Page Cards
Refer Friends
Rewards Tab
Credit Cards And Statement
Contribute Points
Redeem Reward
Bank Offers
Remote Control – Settings
Splash screen animation and Face ID authentication
Home page cards and swipe interaction
Switch from dark mode to light mode
Remote control and dark/light mode toggle
Discover page interactions
Stories on home page