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"Nirow's automatic system and minimal design will provide the smoothest experience while filling you with recurring motivation to stay productive every day. Nirow will connect and fetch data from 4 popular services: Apple Health, Location, Fitbit & RescueTime. Then, it will automatically update your goals and check your habits off when you are done."

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Welcome to Nirow: The automatic habit & goal tracker that helps!

Save time with automatic tracking: Nirow will automatically update your data and check your habits off without you unlocking the phone

Remember everything with reminders: If you prefer to do and check your habits manually, Nirow will remind you at your desired time and frequency

Our tour is complete! A healthy habit is said to be a good start to your amazing journey!

Journal, Results, Settings tabs

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Buy Premium

Upgrade to Premium to view more data other than Today's

1 month, 6 months, 12 months

More Progress: Evaluate your progress and health patterns more precisely with 1-year data

Data Backup: Keep your personal data safe by automatic backup to iCloud or Dropbox

Calendar Integration: Organize your day for maximum productivity with Calendar view

Dark Theme: Bring a mysterious and profressional touch to your experience

Privacy Lock: Keep your personal data safe with Passcode, Touch ID or Face ID

Unlimited Timers: Save more time with built-in timers that automatically adds value to your goal

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