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Tickets for your Europe trip


Ignazio Moresco

Head of Design

Jen Valentine

Product Designer

Tom Fletcher

Principal UX/UI Designer

Abheyraj Singh

Senior Product Designer

Devang Patel

Senior Product Designer

Myoungeun Kim

Senior Product Designer

Keyur Jain

Product Designer

Louise Hildebrand

Creative Director

Angie Wu

Junior Product Designer

Paulius Norvaisa

Junior Motion Designer

Harriet Sleigh

Graphic Designer

Kim Hoffmann

Motion Designer

Omio is a an app to book trains, buses and flights for your Euro trip. Browse travel options, choose the best route, book tickets and store them on your phone.
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June 2019
App Store screenshots
Top level tabs
Search and filters
Buy ticket and checkout
Bottom sheet for What's New
Asking for notification permissions
Homepage transition when opening the app
Search and filters
Skeletal loading state animation
Checkout tickets