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Mix your favourite music

Pacemaker Music AB

Jonas Norberg

Co-founder & CEO

Olof Berglöf

Co-founder & CMO

Apple Design Award winner 2015. It relies heavily on gesture interactions to cut up audio, change audio effects and mix tracks. It can feel like you're a DJ on stage but can also get a little overwhelming when things don't sound just right.
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October 2018
App Store screenshots
Coach marks
Login with Spotify
Top level tabs
Create a mix
Add filters to your mix
In app purchase
Onboarding slides and splash screen
Coachmarks during onboarding
Login with Spotify
Pulsating plus icon to get you to create a mix
Creating a mixtape, choose one track to begin
Choosing tracks to add
Adding more tracks to mixtape
Change mix name
In app purchase to buy track effects
Changing track effects
Fine tuning transitions, pop up for out of sessions
Indicator on homescreen to show currently playing mix
Scrolling and seeking in a mixtape
Save track to spotify
In app purchase of Pacemaker Plus
Explore tab