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Tik Tok

Creative music video community


Jinglu Li

Experience Designer

Alex Zhu


Josh Covarrubias

Visual Design Lead

Lu Wang

Design Manager

Raffi Baghoomian

Design Lead & Strategy

Emily Giglio

Art Direction & Visual Design

Norio Ichikawa

Creative Director

Vanessa Ong

Visual Designer

Emma Hazen

Visual Designer

Tanya Chang

Product Designer

Sachin Azad

Visual Designer

Crystal Yin

Creative Designer

Mike Hinson

Creative Designer

Alexandria Williams

Creative Strategist

Jingran Zhang

Senior Visual Designer

Eric Morrison

UX Research Lead

Connie Wu

UX Writing Manager

Sean Kim

Head of Product

Johnny Chiu

Motion Designer & Animator

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October 2018
App Store screenshots
Tik Tok Login
Coach marks as onboarding
Homepage interactions
Top level tabs
Recording a Tik Tok
Login with phone number and social
Splash screen, notifications permissions and coachmark to swipe up
Rotating music indicator on the bottom right
Swipe left coach mark to see profile
Comments bottom sheet
Bottom sheet to share to Instagram as story or post
Explore tab with hashtag collections
Search for users, sounds and hashtags
Coach mark for uploading first video, media permissions
Some facefilters are applied by default
Modifying face filters
Pick music to start recording
If you hit close before completing, a prompt takes you to tutorials
Tutorials on effects and features
Follow users, and send DMs
Edit profile
Share profile QR code