Allow Foursquare to access your location? Foursquare needs location turned on. Tap "Always Allow" so we can help you keep track of the great places you go.

The ultimate city guide in your pocket: Get the most out of every day. Whether you're strolling around your neighbourhood, or traveling the world.

Find exactly what you're looking for wherever you are: It's 2pm and you have a serious pizza craving. Wasn't there a new pizza place that just opened nearby? Foursquare knows the place.

Go out of your way to try something new: Foursquare will send you recommendations when you're near a place we think you might love.

Foursquare would like to send you notifications.

Get helpful tips from people you trust: Everyday explorers from all over the globe will help lead you to the best experience, no matter where you're at.

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