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Audio fitness


Ethan Agarwal

Founder and CEO

Oliver Dumoulin

Design systems

Amit Wadhawan

VP Engineering

Chris Fischer

CTO, SVP Content

Angela Hahn

UX Research Lead

Marc Ricca

Senior Designer

Aaptiv combines trainer led workouts and popular music into audio workout sessions. The workouts are a cross between categories like running, strength training, stretching, yoga and genres like Pop, Hip Hop, RnB and more. I found the app interesting for its clean visual aesthetic, focussed onboarding and strong photography style.
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May 2019
App Store screenshots
Onboarding (updated)
Top level tabs
Onboarding after purchase
Category, Course, Trainer pages
Audio workout experience
Splash screen animation
Login and onboarding
Onboarding (updated)
Coach mark for saving workout
Home and Trainers page
In-app purchase tab
Card and bottom sheet for in app purchase
Building health profile to personalize your experience
Audio workout experience