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Meditation and sleep stories

Alex Tew

Co-founder & Co-CEO

Chris Delbuck

Head of Product Design

Bri Hughes

Product Designer

Roxanne Cook

Senior Product Designer

Tony Hsieh

VP of Product

Jenna Carando

Senior Visual Designer

Hardip Kaur

Product Designer

Elaine Ho

Senior Product Manager

Chris Advansun

Head of Sleep Stories

Dun Wang

Chief Product & Growth Officer

Calm is an app for meditation and sleep. Sleep stories to help you fall asleep, breathing exercises and meditation sessions. Worth checking out for the choice of soothing visuals that complement the relaxing music.
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October 2018
App Store Screenshots
Top Level Tabs
Meditation Experience
Splash screen
Goal selection in onboarding
Sign up and notifications permissions
Homepage "Start" coach mark
Explore meditations
Coach mark on player to 'like'
Player controls
Asking for feedback if you quit session
Settings and home screen customization
Music player
Sleep stories