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ContextLogic Inc.

Lorna Qin

Product Design Lead

Jan Sundar

Senior Design Manager

Jennifer Huynh

Design Lead

Ruby Yeh

Design Manager

Ophelia Ding

Product Designer

Sasha Mills

Graphic Designer

Yiran Ma

Product Designer

Shan Shen

Product Designer

Serena Ye

Communication Designer

Katie Jundt

Communication Designer

Ann Yeh

Principal Product Designer

Simiao Liu

UX Designer

Hassan Yahya

VP Experience

Nongmo Cai

Product Designer

Xiaohan Wang

UX Designer

Alexander Cheung

Senior Product Designer

Wish is one of the world's fastest growing e-commerce apps. While the products are dropshipped from China and don't seem super high quality, I've included this here because of the sheer scale they've been able to achieve. They've achieved a valuation of $8.5B, have a catalog of 200M items
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June 2019
App Store screenshots
Blitz Buy gamification
Product page
Purchase checkout
Refer friend for Wish Cash
Onboarding, sign up, permissions
Asking for notification and location permissions
Spin wheel for blitz buy gamification
Earn Wish Cash through referrals
Add to cart and checkout