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Chat bot onboarding

Hi there! My name is Sweatcoin. I convert your outdoor steps into currency to spend on goods, services and experiences.

What's your name?

Welcome Abhinav! To start please let me see the total steps your phone detects. Allow access to motion & fitness activity

Splendid! Next I will need your GPS info to verify your Sweatcoin Steps. I can only convert GPS-verified outdoor steps into sweatcoins (no indoor steps yet).

Allow Sweatcoin to access your location? GPS data is required to verify your movement and generate sweatcoins. You won't believe how little battery I consume.

Your phone number is the key to your Sweatcoin wallet. Please enter it now starting with "+" and your country code.

Please enter the received code for access & accept my terms of use and privacy policy.

To secure your wallet, please enter your email address.

Also, I work on Apple Watch Series 2. I need to see your HealthKit data to generate coins on your watch.

As a welcome gift you received 0.95 SWC (~1000 steps) generated by the community. Allow notifications to find them faster.

Sweatcoin would like to send you notifications

To grow your balance start walking outside. I will ping you afterwards with detailed analysis and advice.

Chat bots
Chat bot onboarding
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Diagnosing via chat bot

Thank you, Abhinav, I have enough info for now and can help you find out what's going on. Just start a symptom assessment.

  • Start symptom assessment

Okay, Abhinav. Who is the assessment for? (Myself, Someone else)

Let's start with the symptom that's troubling you the most. (Enter a symptom, e.g. headache)

Are you having poor sleep because you find it difficult to fall asleep or remain asleep? (Yes, No, I don't know, What does this mean?)

Has anyone mentioned that you snore during your sleep? (Yes, No, I don't know, What does this mean?)

Next steps: People with symptoms similar to yours may require emergency care. If you think this is an emergency you should go to an emergency department without delay.

Chat bots
Diagnosing via chat bot

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