Payments & Checkout


04 parkwhiz book parking spot
08 turo book car rental
05 hopper select flight checkout
04 six book room checkout
05 wish purchase checkout
10 tripadvisor buy city pass
09 tripadvisor reserve table
05 hoteltonight checkout experience
04 sift buy subscription
06 artsy request to buy
05 omio buy ticket checkout
08 goat buy sneaker and checkout
06 seatgeek buying a ticket
07 coinbase send receive cryptocurrency
06 mucho checkout
04 memrise buy premium
04 dunzo placing an order
06 mimo upgrade to premium
04 nirow buy premium
03 tingles buy premium
05 kitchen stories about the team
08 pacemaker payment get plus
13 duolingo plus
07 cred paying credit card bill
No items found.
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Send and receive cryptocurrency

Select a cryptocurrency wallet to send or receive cryptocurrency.

Shows your wallet address and QR code. You can copy to clipboard.

Payments & Checkout
Send and receive cryptocurrency
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Checkout experience

Buy now, give location access, add address (Name, Country, City, Address, Post code), pick delivery time, pick payment method (Card, Apple Pay)

Payments & Checkout
Checkout experience
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Buy premium

Learn with locals: learn the language spoken in real life, with video clips of real locals.

Pronunciation: Practise sounding like a local by speaking along with thousands of Memrise audio clips.

Listening skills: Fine-tune your listening skills with a game made for your ears with the sweet sounds of native speakers.

Difficult words: Master troublesome words and boost your learning speed with personalised sessions.

Speed review: Review your words and phrases at light speed!

Learn offline: Save your courses for offline access

Payments & Checkout
Buy premium

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