01 unwind onboarding
02 parkwhiz onboarding
03 turo create account
02 hopper onboarding
02 wish onboarding
04 tripadvisor create an account
02 tripadvisor onboarding
02 hoteltonight asking permissions
02 sift onboarding
02 cove onboarding
02 artsy prelogin splash screens
03 artsy onboarding
02 omio onboarding
02 quartz onboarding
02 endel onboarding
02 goat onboarding
02 seatgeek onboarding
02 entale onboarding
02 tasty onboarding
02 coinbase onboarding
02 mucho onboarding
05 aaptiv premium onboarding
03 aaptiv onboarding updated
02 aaptiv onboarding
01 memrise onboarding
02 spectre camera onboarding
02 dunzo onboarding login
03 anchor onboarding about
02 anchor audio onboarding
04 anchor sign up
01 tumblr onboarding
02 tumblr ask notifications
02 guides onboarding
02 swarm onboarding
03 swarm onboarding whats new
04 swarm onboarding ask permissions
02 citymapper onboarding
02 calm onboarding
02 slowly onboarding
03 slowly onboarding permissions
04 cake making search onboarding
02 cake onboarding permissions
05 cake onboarding checklist
02 mimo onboarding
03 imwith onboarding
02 imwith login onboarding permissions
02 google primer onboarding
02 must app onboarding
02 foursquare onboarding
02 rally road onboarding
02 universe onboarding
02 nirow onboarding
02 waze onboarding
02 yarn onboarding
01 behance onboarding
01 google tasks onboarding
02 kitchen stories onboarding
03 ada onboarding via chat bot
02 ada onboarding chat bot
02 crunchbase onboarding
02 ifttt onboarding login
03 tiktok onboarding coachmarks
02 tiktok login create profile
04 pacemaker login with spotify
02 pacemaker onboarding
03 pinterest onboarding pick interests
02 pinterest onboarding signup
06 duolingo create profile
03 duolingo onboarding ask permissions
02 duolingo onboarding
05 timepage getting started
02 timepage onboarding ask permissions
03 cred apply for account
02 cred first onboarding
02 tinycards onboarding
02 giphy world onboarding
02 hooked onboarding
03 flipboard optional login
02 flipboard onboarding
02 oak onboarding and ask permissions
03 shine chatbot onboarding and permissions
02 shine onboarding and login
02 gboard onboarding and setup
01 gboard pre setup onboarding
01 youtube gaming onboarding
03 brilliant post login onboarding
02 brilliant pre login onboarding
02 neverthink splash and onboarding
01 unsplash onboarding
07 headspace onboarding before first meditation session
05 headspace asking permission preferences
04 headspace habit formation through onboarding
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The onboarding starts with an animated screen explaining the difference between regular podcasts and podcasts on Entale. It then asks you to select atleast two genres and shows you a swipe left-right interface to add recommended podcasts.

It then asks for notification permissions and asks you for your email and to subscriber to their newsletter.

↗ Open



Log in or create an account to save your favorite recipes. Enter your phone number, enter the 6 digit code sent.

Quick question: Are you a vegetarian?

Tasty would like to send you notifications.

↗ Open



The first screen you see is a price graph and current prices of BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC and LTC.

Enter email, password, name, verify email address.

↗ Open



Let's get started! Tap the bubbles to let us know your goals: Healthy living, Eat fit, Easy cooking, Discover recipes

Low & slow or easy & speedy? Drag the wheel to set your ideal cooking time.

How many mouths? Drag the wheel to tell us how many you're cooking for.

Save, spend, or splurge? Drag the wheel to indicate your budget.

Following any diet? Tap the bubbles to tell us what diets you are after. Low sugar, Good fats, Vegan, Nut free, Low calorie, Gluten free, Veggie, High protein, Dairy free, Flexi

Any dislikes? Tap the things we shouldn't put on your plate. Fish, Lamb, Pork, Bread, Beef, Pickles, Honey, Chilli

Where are we? Let us know if you're in the UK, where we deliver ingredients to you! UK, Rest of the world

Thank you for the details! Want to receive hot new recipes and get tailor made recommendations? No, Yes

You'll receive your grocery from: Ocado. The minimum order value is GBP 40, exclusive of service & delivery fee.

↗ Open


Onboarding after purchase

What's your fitness goal? Select all that apply: Lose weight, Run a race, Build strength, Reduce stress

What's your fitness level? Select one answer: New to fitness, Exercise casually, Exercise regularly, Experienced athlete

Where do you work out? Select all that apply: At the gym, At home, Outside

What days would you like to work out? Select all that apply: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, I'm not sure

What time would you like to work out? Select one answer

Be the first to know: Get notified about new workouts and programs you'll love. Turn on notifications

The best workouts to get you started

Onboarding after purchase
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Onboarding (updated)

Get trainer-guided workouts on demand. Free 7-day trial, try it now. Already a member? Log in

Welcome, Abhinav! Let's take a quick tour!

Browse: Hit your goals with motivating workouts and guided programs

Trainers: Get guidance and support from real professional trainers

Stats: Track your activity and progress as you move towards your goals

Unlimited workouts, anytime, anywhere. Start 7 day free trial

Onboarding (updated)
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On-demand audio workouts, Certified trainers lead every class, Programs to help you meet any goal, Motivating playlists with top artists.

Try it now / Already a member? Log in

Ready to see results? Turn your workout into a fun, effective, music-driven experience. At the gym, at home, outside, anywhere. Choose from thousands of workouts that match your fitness goals.

Choose a plan: Monthly, Annual

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Spectre Camera

Onboarding and permissions

Spectre is the most advanced computational shutter for iPhone. Here's how to use it: Tap the Shutter

Hold steady while Spectre intelligently takes and combines hundreds of photos...

Presto. A long exposure. It's a Live Photo. Try pressing it to watch the exposure. You can share it as a still photo or as a video!

3 more things: Steady as she goes. Spectre has powerful AI-based stabilization. For a sharp shot, keep an eye on the little stabilizer icon!

2 more things: Auto-magic. With some AI magic, Spectre will choose your shutter type. In the daytime, it can make people disappear and create beautiful water effects. At night, it will capture light trails.

One more thing: From snap to lapse. Set anywhere from a short exposure to a long shutter speed with the time dial.

Time to get started. We need a few permissions before we can begin: Camera access, Photo Library Access, Location Access

Onboarding and permissions
↗ Open


Onboarding - About

Welcome to Anchor! Anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast, ever.

Whether you're new to podcasting, or a seasoned pro, you can make something awesome with Anchor.

These are your tools. Tap on any of them to learn about the different types of creative audio you can add to your podcast. All right from your phone.

High quality audio made easy. Build your episodes one segment at a time, No editing necessary.

Be heard, everywhere. Easily distribute your podcast to all major platforms, like Apple Podcasts and Google Play Music, with just one tap.

Get podcast feedback. Enable notifications so we can let you know about things like: Listeners reacting to your podcast, Friends wanting to record with you, People sending you voice messages for your podcast

You're in! Tap a tool below to start making your first podcast episode!

Onboarding - About
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Audio Onboarding

This was the first version of Anchor I documented. As you were onboarded and entered each text field one by one, there would be audio to guide you and tell you what Anchor was about. You could mute it using the icon on the top right.

What's your name? Full names work best, but you do you.

What's your email? You'll need this to login later.

Create a password. Tip: Probably don't make it "password"

Find your friends who are already using Anchor. Connect Facebook

Gotta get those Twitter friends, too. Connect Twitter

You're done! Let's get this party started

Audio Onboarding
↗ Open


Sign Up

The audio onboarding was later replaced with a much shorter sign up process with no supporting audio.

Sign up and get started on your own podcast! Name, Email, Password

Hey there! What brings you to Anchor?

  • I want to make a new podcast
  • I have a podcast I want to import
  • I want to listen to podcasts

This is the episode builder for your podcast. Your audio will appear here.

Sign Up
↗ Open



Explore mind-blowing stuff

Follow Tumblrs that spark your interests

Customize how you look, be who you want

Welcome to Tumblr. Now push the button

Tap the things you like

Know what's happening: We'll notify you whenever something interesting happens on your Tumblr. Allow notifications

Welcome! If you're into a post, follow the Tumblr that posted it. Make your dashboard truly your own.

↗ Open


Ask Notifications

Know what's happening: We'll notify you whenever something interesting happens on your Tumblr.

Get ready: Your device is about to ask if Tumblr can access your photos and camera. Just tap "OK" and you'll be able to post whatever photos you want.

Ask Notifications

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