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Onboarding and how it works
Splash screen and pre-login onboarding slides
Tik Tok
Tutorials on effects and features
Cake Browser
Onboarding checklist: Add to dock
Splash screen and pre login onboarding slides
Onboarding slides to explain the app
Swarm by Foursquare
Login with Foursquare, onboarding slides
Login and onboarding. Setting up profile and interests
imwith Messenger
Notification from Team Imwith within 12h of downloading
Audio onboarding before logging in
Onboarding, login and signup, location & notification permissions
Coachmarks during onboarding
Onboarding (updated)
Spectre Camera
Onboarding and asking for permissions
Google Primer
Onboarding, description and login

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Find friends on Facebook
Homepage for first time users has multiple touchpoints for inviting
Splash screen
Invite friends who are not on the app yet
Login with phone number
Homepage once you start using the app and have a few rooms
Chat room and coachmark for slides

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