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Airtime Media Inc

Vince Crumrine

Senior Product Designer

Bushra Farooqui

Product Manager

Gui Seiz

VP Product Design

Sanidhya Khilnani

Head of Product

Alexander MacQuitty

Product Manager

Andrew Ginzberg

Product Designer

Chika Chandrashekar

VP & Head of Strategy

Airtime is a chat app that lets you have video calls, watch videos together, listen to music and more in a chat room. Founded by Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning of Facebook back in 2012 & they've been iterating and pivoting it ever since. Worth checking out for onboarding & inviting friend flows. Also very interesting to see the complex interactions of chatting, video calling and watching a video at the same time.
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October 2018
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Splash screen
Login with phone number
Create profile
Find friends on Facebook
Invite friends who are not on the app yet
Homepage for first time users has multiple touchpoints for inviting
Homepage once you start using the app and have a few rooms
Chat room and coachmark for slides