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Social Networking


Scott Simpson

Senior Product Designer

Maria Paras

Product Designer

Kwame Henderson

Product Manager

Benjamin Kang

Director of Product Management

A social network and blogging platform run by Yahoo. They've been around since 2007 but the app is super fresh. It uses small animations and microinteractions to explain the different functions in the app and slowly reveals itself over your first thirty minutes of exploring.
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October 2018
Ask Notifications
Create Post
Asking For Feedback
Coach Marks
Edit Profile Appearance
Onboarding slides
Selecting interests from a list of tags
Permissions for notifications
Scrolling microinteraction on top of the homepage
Follow microinteraction
Create a post
Permissions for photos, camera and microphone while creating post
Asking for feedback
Liking and reblogging first time action
Tips: You have a blog
Tips: Reblog faster
Tips: Create post
Tips: Search
Heart microinteraction for liking and disliking
Long press microinteraction for reblogging
Microinteraction for sending a post as a message
Public profiles
Customizing your profile's appearance