Bottom sheet for wrong answer

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Register for an upcoming auction
Adding a new interest to homepage. It also asks for sub interests using a bottom sheet
Google Primer
Drag and drop self evaluation test
There's a limitation on how much you can read without a subscription
First learning experience
Send report
Home page to article transition
Animation after having completed the daily check-in
YouTube Gaming
The dominant color from game artwork gets picked for the app bar
Buy sneaker bottom sheet interactions
Swipable cards in explore tab
Swiping between the steps of a recipe
Liking an article and adding it to a magazine
First lesson complete. It shows your learning minutes and asks you to create a profile
Drag and drop to save result to memory
Guides by Lonely Planet
Bookmarking places, accessing bookmarks

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During login, it asks for your age, name, email and password
Achievement leveled up modal
The onboarding asks you select a language and pick a daily learning goal
Asks you to select a daily goal and then notification permissions
Duolingo Plus lets you download lessons offline and removes ad. You can start with a 7 day trial
Gamification badges and progress
You can join language clubs to practice with other learners
Add friends to compete with. You can search by name or find them from facebook

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