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The splash screen is the logo on a green background
You earn crystals as you complete lessons. You can buy more from the Shop tab
You have 5 lives. When you run out you can wait, practice, or refill by spending crystals
Duolingo Plus lets you download lessons offline and removes ad. You can start with a 7 day trial
You can join language clubs to practice with other learners
There are posts by other learners and mini "games" that help you test your skills
Achievement leveled up modal
Gamification badges and progress
Profile and settings
Add friends to compete with. You can search by name or find them from facebook
The onboarding asks you select a language and pick a daily learning goal
Asks you to select a daily goal and then notification permissions
You can tap the country flag on top to add more languages and switch between them
It quizzes you with audio and visual questions to make you understand and to increase recall
Bottom sheet for wrong answer
First lesson complete. It shows your learning minutes and asks you to create a profile
During login, it asks for your age, name, email and password
The curriculum is arranged linearly as a timeline with tests interspersed in between

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