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Anchor FM Inc.

Michael Mignano

Co founder and CEO

Nir Zicherman

Co founder and CTO

Emmi Hintz

Senior Product Designer

Angela Reynoso

Associate Designer

Anchor is an app for anyone to create a podcast on their phone. Was recently acquired by Spotify. Super powerful app that lets you listen, record podcasts, add audio effects, invite guests, create album artwork, publish to iTunes and more! Worth checking out for its elaborate yet simple creation flows.
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April 2019
App Store Screenshots
Audio Onboarding
Onboarding - About
Sign Up
Create Podcast
Recording Podcast
Audio onboarding before logging in
Login screen and onboarding (update)
Creating a new account (๐Ÿ”Šincluding audio guidance)
Onboarding after login
Recording a podcast
Adding music to your podcast recording
Add episode metadata after recording podcast
Add podcast metadata after recording
Creating cover art for podcast
Profile customization and Settings
Home tab and Podcast listing
Player settings
Send voice message to a podcast host
Podcast player screen. Clapping microinteraction