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Reduce your news anxiety

All Turtles Corporation

Gabe Campodonico

Co-founder & Design Director

Chris Ploeg

Head of Design

Allie Packard

Principal Designer

Namika Hamasaki

Senior Designer

Tomohiro Suzuki

Product Designer

Dairien Boyd

Principal Designer

Carlos Rocafort IV

Senior Visual Designer

Paige Sáez

Product Designer

Susan Farrell

UX Research + Strategy

Hoi Fung Ho

Principal UX Writer

Sift is a news app that lets you go beyond the headlines to explore deeper. The interactive elements make you engage with the news to test your knowledge with a tactile learning experience.
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June 2019
App Store screenshots
Interactive News Experience
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Interactive news experience
Correct/Wrong microinteraction
Left and right microinteraction
Empty state for Bookmarks
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