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"imwith is the selfie GIF messaging app that makes everyone funnier. Record your own selfie GIFs, be a star, and express what you really mean. We guarantee a 137% increase in LOLs."

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Login and permissions

What's your mobile number?Enter the code

Enter your name, last name and username

Find your friends: Permissions to access contacts

Notifications: Permissions to send notifications

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Welcome to the party! Here on imwith it's all about gestures

Gestures let you express your text messages with your own selfie GIFs

Coach mark: Tap to record your first gesture, we'll use it in a sec!

Record and edit your video. Tap here when you're done. We'll use this gesture in our first chat.

Rock on! You've recorded a gesture for #hello. It will come up whenever you type a text message such as: how r u doing?

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Coach marks in chat

Swipe left to select a GIF

Here's your #hello gesture. Fling up to send it.

Fling up to send a text message

Ready to get started? Invite a friend to join you on imwith

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Invite friend

How it works:

Invite a friend: Share a personalized invitation anyway you want

Start chatting: Get $2 donation credit from us for each friend you refer when they send their first message

Save endangered wildlife: Once you reach $10 or more, we'll donate to the AWF, an organization working to protect wildlife across Africa. We'll credit each friend $2 too

Search contacts

Waiting state after sending invite

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