Pinduoduo is one of the fastest growing apps in China. It recently IPO'd in the US and is currently worth around $13.8B. They claim to have 343M active buyers.

It is a social e-commerce app with a simple premise: Get a discounted price if you can get more people to buy the product. Each product listed on the app has a regular price and a discount price. To get the discounted price, you need to invite a certain number of people to also buy it with you.

The majority of Pinduoduo's traffic comes from WeChat. Users share deals through private messages and through WeChat Moments. Clicking on a link within WeChat takes you to Pinduoduo's mini program, which has almost the same functionality as the main app (see below)

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Pinduoduo (拼多多)

Product screen: Sections
Mini app in WeChat
Top level navigation tabs
New user experience and onboarding
Daily check ins
Card Gamification: Function Cards
Sharing experience
Home page elements
Card Gamification: Overview
Card Gamification: Category Cards
Product screen: Overview
Card Gamification: Behaviour Cards
Profile and more tab
Checkout experience

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