The top of the home page has tabs to navigate different categories.

The top left has a recurring tool tip that shows recent activity like purchases and ratings for different items on the platform.

There is a carousel of promotional banners.

There are two rows of icons for the following: Time limited sales, Daily clearance, Discount on famous brands, 9.9 yuan sales, Imported goods, Recharge center, Love shopping, Cash check in, Food supermarket, Electronic Mall

The tabs at the bottom are: Home, Recommended, Search & Categories, Chat and customer support, profile and more

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Pinduoduo (拼多多)

Product screen: Overview
App Store Screenshots
Card Gamification: Behaviour Cards
Product screen: Sections
Top level navigation tabs
Mini app in WeChat
Card Gamification: Overview
Daily check ins
Profile and more tab
Card Gamification: Function Cards
Checkout experience
New user experience and onboarding
Card Gamification: Category Cards
Sharing experience

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Content Screens

Top level tabs
Location page
Top level overview
Smart alerts