Asking for notification permissions and preferences


Breathe, sleep, relax & focus

Make a habit of it: You're more likely to feel the benefits if you meditate regularly. Just committing to tomorrow's session will put you on track

Stay mindful: We've distilled some great Headspace wisdom into quick notifications. They can help bring you that clearer, calmer mind, effortlessly.

Track your progress: Want to add time to your Mindful Minutes in Apple Health Kit? Recognising the time you've put in so far can help motivate you to keep going

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App Store screenshots
Home tab
Profile tab
Onboarding before first meditation session
Discover tab
App Store screenshots
Coach marks on top level tabs
iMessage stickers
Habit formation through onboarding

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Ask Permissions

Onboarding - Ask Permissions
Notification permissions
Onboarding Permissions
Onboarding and asking for notification permissions