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Breathe, sleep, relax & focus

Headspace Meditation Limited

Andy Puddicombe


Rich Pierson

Co-founder & CEO

Frank Bach

Lead Product Designer

Michelle Matthews

Senior Product Designer

Joseph Ash Sakula

Senior Product Designer

Iain McConchie

VP of Design

Priya Nayak

Design Research Lead

Ken Seeno

Lead Product Designer

Rita DeRaedt

Senior Product Designer

Alexander Vidal

Illustrator and Visual Designer

Stephanie Jin

Senior Product Designer

Vicki Tan

Lead Product Designer

Jonathan DeFaveri

Senior Design Researcher

Tyler Hoehne

Senior Designer

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October 2018
App Store screenshots
App Store screenshots
iMessage stickers
Habit formation through onboarding
Asking for notification permissions and preferences
Coach marks on top level tabs
Onboarding before first meditation session
Home tab
Discover tab
Profile tab
Splash screen and pre login onboarding slides
Personalizing the experience by asking questions and creating habit
Asking for permissions and animated gratification
Coachmarks as you explore the app
First meditation session
Downloading animation
Top level tabs
Profile tab is set to my name. Inviting friends interaction