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Blinks Labs

Holger Seim

Co-Founder & CEO

Tobias Balling

Co-founder & CTO

Niklas Jansen

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Temi Adeniyi

Director of Design

Tarek Sadi

Product Design Lead

Eva Jobard

Product Designer

Paulina Paprocka

User Researcher

Ailsa Leen

Senior Product Manager

Linh Nguyen

Product Manager

Natalia Piana

Art Director

Justyna Kusa

Senior Product Designer

Ting-Yin Ivy Yeh

Product Designer

Blinkist is one of the most popular book summary platforms. Summaries are called "blinks" and include audio too. Interestingly the parent company, based in Germany, has raised over $35M. Big opportunity for going after more languages and emerging regions.
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July 2019
App Store Screenshots
Blinkist Premium
Top Level Tabs
Reading Experience
Splash screen and pre login slides
Sign up and trial account prompt
Reading experience for a summary aka a "blink"
Reading experience, navigating chapters
Customizing font size and switching to dark mode
Audio summary listening experience
Browsing categories on home page
Saving highlights from book summaries
Searching for book summaries