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Language learning


Mike Nagle

Head of Design

Caitlin Goodale

Senior Product Designer

AyลŸe Tuba Sucu

UX Researcher

Edward Cooke


Luke Murphy

Design Manager

Sam Willis

Design Manager

James Mady

Product Manager

Nimrod Cohen

Product Lead

Rebecca Watkin

Senior Product Manager

Mbongeni Zwangobani

Product Manager

Karolina Radzimirska

Product Designer

Memrise is a language learning app that uses snippets of native speakers to help you learn a new language. What makes it different from apps like Duolingo is that if you want to learn how to say "Cheers!" in German, "Prost!", you'd actually see a clip of a native speaker with a mug of beer.
May 2019
App Store screenshots
Top level tabs
Learning experience
Buy premium
Gamification with the translation camera
Select a language, beginner/advanced, then create an account
Asking for camera permissions and onboarding for the feature
Point at an object to translate what it is
Listen to native speakers say words, answer simple questions
Daily goal complete
Changing daily goal - words per day