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Space themed language learning


Mike Nagle

Head of Design

Caitlin Goodale

Senior Product Designer

Ayşe Tuba Sucu

UX Researcher

Edward Cooke


Luke Murphy

Design Manager

Sam Willis

Design Manager

James Mady

Product Manager

Nimrod Cohen

Product Lead

Rebecca Watkin

Senior Product Manager

Mbongeni Zwangobani

Product Manager

Karolina Radzimirska

Product Designer

A space themed language learning app. You can learn over 19 different languages in a gamified interface. The more you progress, the higher up you go in space. They also have a cool camera mode where it can recognize objects and say it in different languages.
October 2018
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Selecting language pre login, space themed
After login, you directly start your first lesson
First learning experience
Daily goal completed
Learning path
Onboarding steps for the camera tab
Using camera to point and translate
Memrise Pro in app purchase
Levels of gamification
Profile and settings