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Mimohello GmbH

Dennis Daume

Co-founder & CTO

Johannes Berger

Co-founder & CEO

Henry Ameseder

Co-founder & COO

Filip Ruisl

Product Designer

Do check out their interactive drag and drop courses to teach programming concepts, and their daily streak gamification along with illustrated badges.
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October 2018
App Store screenshots
Top level tabs
Learning experience
Notification permissions
Upgrade to Premium
Gamification badges
Login and onboarding
Onboarding and login
Pre login onboarding
Daily streak touchpoint on homepage
Coachmarks in the first course
Notifications permission with daily streak
Taking feedback after a course
Interactions in a course: drag and drop, reorder
Mimo Premium in app purchase
Daily streak touchpoint on homepage
Swipable cards in explore tab
Gamification badges in profile
Adding and switching between goals