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01 parkwhiz appstore screenshots
02 parkwhiz onboarding
03 parkwhiz search parking spot
04 parkwhiz book parking spot
01 turo appstore screenshots
03 turo create account
02 turo top level tabs
04 turo list your car
05 turo search for cars to rent
06 turo filter results
07 turo car detail page
08 turo book car rental
09 turo share referral code
01 hopper appstore screenshots
02 hopper onboarding
04 hopper search flight
03 hopper toplevel tabs
05 hopper select flight checkout
06 hopper search hotel
01 six appstore screenshots
03 six hotel page
02 six toplevel overview
04 six book room checkout
05 six add to list
01 wish appstore screenshots
02 wish onboarding
03 wish blitz buy gamification
04 wish product page
05 wish purchase checkout
06 wish refer friend
11 tripadvisor create trip
10 tripadvisor buy city pass
09 tripadvisor reserve table
08 tripadvisor location page
07 tripadvisor hotel page
06 tripadvisor filter places to stay
05 tripadvisor search change location
04 tripadvisor create an account
03 tripadvisor toplevel tabs
02 tripadvisor onboarding
01 tripadvisor appstore screenshots
01 hoteltonight appstore screenshots
03 hoteltonight toplevel tabs
02 hoteltonight asking permissions
05 hoteltonight checkout experience
04 hoteltonight hotel page
06 hoteltonight search filters
07 hoteltonight gamification
01 sift appstore screenshots
02 sift onboarding
03 sift interactive news experience
04 sift buy subscription
01 cove appstore screenshots
02 cove onboarding
03 cove music creation experience
01 artsy appstore screenshots
02 artsy prelogin splash screens
03 artsy onboarding
04 artsy toplevel tabs
05 artsy product collection pages
06 artsy request to buy
07 artsy discover tab
08 artsy request to sell art
05 omio buy ticket checkout
04 omio search filters
03 omio toplevel tabs
02 omio onboarding
01 omio appstore screenshots
01 quartz appstore screenshots
02 quartz onboarding
03 quartz toplevel tabs
04 quartz augmented reality
01 endel appstore screenshots
02 endel onboarding
03 endel interactive music experience
08 goat buy sneaker and checkout
07 goat add sneaker to own list
06 goat request to sell
05 goat search filters
04 goat sneaker detail page
03 goat top level tabs
02 goat onboarding
01 goat appstore screenshots
07 seatgeek invite friend
06 seatgeek buying a ticket
05 seatgeek artist event pages
04 seatgeek homepage filters
03 seatgeek toplevel tabs
02 seatgeek onboarding
01 seatgeek appstore screenshot
08 cred invite friends
05 entale create snippet
04 entale podcast experience
03 entale toplevel tabs
02 entale onboarding
01 entale appstore screenshots
07 sweatcoin redeeming reward
06 sweatcoin converting steps to coins
05 sweatcoin transfer coins
04 sweatcoin invite friends
03 sweatcoin toplevel tabs
02 sweatcoin chatbot onboarding
01 sweatcoin appstore screenshots
08 sweatcoin upgrade subscription
05 tasty leave tip
04 tasty recipe page
03 tasty toplevel tabs
02 tasty onboarding
01 tasty appstore screenshots
07 coinbase send receive cryptocurrency
06 coinbase kyc photo id
05 coinbase kyc personal information
04 coinbase create price alert
03 coinbase toplevel tabs
02 coinbase onboarding
01 coinbase appstore screenshots
08 coinbase cryptocurrency details
08 mucho profile coachmarks
07 mucho profile preferences
06 mucho checkout
05 mucho add to basket
04 mucho recipe pages
03 mucho topleveltabs
02 mucho onboarding
01 mucho appstore screenshots
07 aaptiv workout experience
06 aaptiv category course trainer pages
05 aaptiv premium onboarding
04 aaptiv toplevel tabs
03 aaptiv onboarding updated
02 aaptiv onboarding
01 aaptiv appstore screenshots
06 memrise gamification
05 memrise translation camera
04 memrise buy premium
03 memrise learning experience
01 memrise onboarding
02 memrise top level tabs
01 memrise app store screenshots
04 spectre camera settings guides
03 spectre camera shooting long exposure shot
02 spectre camera onboarding
01 spectre camera app store screenshots
04 tap in settings page
03 tap in meditation room
02 tap in home teacher profile
01 tap in app store screenshots
04 dunzo placing an order
03 dunzo top level tabs
02 dunzo onboarding login
01 dunzo app store screenshots
05 slowly receiving sending letter
01 anchor appstore screenshots
03 anchor onboarding about
02 anchor audio onboarding
04 anchor sign up
05 anchor create podcast
06 anchor recording podcast
01 tumblr onboarding
02 tumblr ask notifications
03 tumblr create post
04 tumblr asking for feedback
05 tumblr coach marks
06 tumblr edit profile appearance
01 pigeon app store screenshots
01 guides appstore screenshots
02 guides onboarding
03 guides city guides
01 swarm appstore screenshots
02 swarm onboarding
03 swarm onboarding whats new
04 swarm onboarding ask permissions
05 swarm checkin
06 swarm profile
07 swarm toplevel tabs
01 citymapper appstore screenshots
02 citymapper onboarding
03 citymapper city selection
01 calm appstore screenshots
03 calm toplevel tabs
02 calm onboarding
04 calm meditation experience
01 slowly appstore screenshots
02 slowly onboarding
03 slowly onboarding permissions
04 slowly avatar creation
01 weirdtype appstore screenshots
01 cake appstore screenshots
04 cake making search onboarding
03 cake making a search
02 cake onboarding permissions
05 cake onboarding checklist
06 cake share with friends
07 cake change app icon
07 mimo gamification badges
06 mimo upgrade to premium
05 mimo asking notification permissions
04 mimo learning experience
03 mimo top level tabs
02 mimo onboarding
01 mimo app store screenshots
01 lake coloring app store screenshots
02 trips by lonely planet create travel story
01 trips by lonely planet app store screenshots
06 imwith invite friend
05 imwith top level tabs
04 imwith coach marks in chat
03 imwith onboarding
02 imwith login onboarding permissions
01 imwith app store screenshots
04 google primer lesson experience
03 google primer home profile
02 google primer onboarding
01 google primer app store screenshots
06 must app app icons redesign
05 must app show screen
04 must app profile screen
03 must app write review
02 must app onboarding
01 must app app store screenshots
05 foursquare write review
04 foursquare restaurant page
03 foursquare top level tabs
02 foursquare onboarding
01 foursquare app store screenshots
05 rally road car detail page
04 rally road coach marks
03 rally road top level tabs
02 rally road onboarding
01 rally road appstore screenshots
06 universe editor
05 universe top level tabs
04 universe picking a theme
03 universe creating a personal site
02 universe onboarding
01 universe app store screenshots
01 calzy app store screenshots
05 nirow habit stats
04 nirow buy premium
03 nirow create habit
02 nirow onboarding
01 nirow app store screenshots
03 waze start navigation
02 waze onboarding
01 waze app store screenshots
02 yarn onboarding
01 yarn app store screenshots
01 noon pacific app store screenshots
01 non app store screenshots
02 wilson fm home magazine player
01 wilson fm app store screenshots
02 behance stories wip
01 behance onboarding
02 google tasks create task
01 google tasks onboarding
02 dog generator good bois
01 dog generator first time experience
03 tingles buy premium
02 tingles top level tabs
01 tingles app store screenshots
01 cone app store screenshots
05 kitchen stories about the team
04 kitchen stories recipe page
03 kitchen stories top level tabs
02 kitchen stories onboarding
01 kitchen stories app store screenshots
05 ada top level navigation
04 ada diagnosing via chat bot
03 ada onboarding via chat bot
02 ada onboarding chat bot
01 ada app store screenshots
04 crunchbase startup profile tabs
03 crunchbase top level tabs
02 crunchbase onboarding
01 crunchbase app store screenshots
06 ifttt create applet
05 ifttt top level tabs
04 ifttt coachmarks top level
03 ifttt coachmarks applets
02 ifttt onboarding login
01 ifttt app store screenshots
06 tiktok create record
05 tiktok top level tabs
04 tiktok homepage interactions
03 tiktok onboarding coachmarks
02 tiktok login create profile
01 tiktok app store screenshots
01 speedtest app store screenshots
04 masterclass course page
03 masterclass top level tabs
02 masterclass onboarding coachmarks
01 masterclass app store screenshots
08 pacemaker payment get plus
07 pacemaker add filter to mix
06 pacemaker create a mix
05 pacemaker top level tabs
04 pacemaker login with spotify
03 pacemaker coach marks
02 pacemaker onboarding
01 pacemaker app store screenshots
06 pinterest top level tabs
05 pinterest saving pin creating board
04 pinterest long press pin save send hide
03 pinterest onboarding pick interests
02 pinterest onboarding signup
01 pinterest app store screenshots
14 duolingo app icon change
13 duolingo plus
12 duolingo clubs
11 duolingo gamification memes
10 duolingo gamification badges
09 duolingo gamification daily streak lives gems
08 duolingo 2019 redesign
07 duolingo top level tabs
06 duolingo create profile
05 duolingo learning experience
04 duolingo change or add language
03 duolingo onboarding ask permissions
02 duolingo onboarding
01 duolingo app store screenshots
13 timepage whats new
12 timepage widgets
11 timepage smart alerts
10 timepage change app icon
09 timepage event page
08 timepage create event
07 timepage hourly weather
06 timepage coach marks
05 timepage getting started
04 timepage top level tabs
03 timepage color customization
02 timepage onboarding ask permissions
01 timepage app store screenshots
07 cred paying credit card bill
06 cred burn points
05 cred redeem reward
04 cred top level tabs
03 cred apply for account
02 cred first onboarding
01 cred app store screenshots
06 tinycards create deck
05 tinycards flashcards experience
04 tinycards flashcards screen
03 tinycards toplevel tabs
02 tinycards onboarding
01 tinycards appstore screenshots
01 designcode top level tabs
02 giphy world onboarding
01 giphy world app store screenshots
04 hooked browsing stories
03 hooked chat story experience
02 hooked onboarding
01 hooked app store screenshots
04 flipboard top level tabs
03 flipboard optional login
02 flipboard onboarding
01 flipboard app store screenshots
05 oak gamification badges
04 oak start breathing exercise
03 oak start meditation
02 oak onboarding and ask permissions
01 oak app store screenshots
04 wav app icons
03 wav livestream
02 wav login and top level tabs
01 wav app store screenshots
03 shine chatbot onboarding and permissions
02 shine onboarding and login
01 shine app store screenshots
05 gboard preferences and customization
04 gboard default states asking permissions
03 gboard first time use coach marks
02 gboard onboarding and setup
01 gboard pre setup onboarding
01 youtube gaming onboarding
01 wikipedia app store screenshots
03 brilliant post login onboarding
02 brilliant pre login onboarding
01 brilliant app store screenshots
04 neverthink app icons
03 neverthink top level tabs
02 neverthink splash and onboarding
01 neverthink app store screenshots
03 unsplash app icon rebrand
02 unsplash core screens
01 unsplash onboarding
10 headspace profile tab
09 headspace discover tab
08 headspace home tab
07 headspace onboarding before first meditation session
06 headspace coach marks top level tabs
05 headspace asking permission preferences
04 headspace habit formation through onboarding
03 headspace imessage stickers
01 headspace app store screenshots may 2019
02 headspace app store screenshots june 2018
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Welcome to Nirow: The automatic habit & goal tracker that helps!

Save time with automatic tracking: Nirow will automatically update your data and check your habits off without you unlocking the phone

Remember everything with reminders: If you prefer to do and check your habits manually, Nirow will remind you at your desired time and frequency

Our tour is complete! A healthy habit is said to be a good start to your amazing journey!

Journal, Results, Settings tabs

↗ Open

Swarm by Foursquare

Onboarding - What's New

When you open a new app update, there's slides that show you new features.

It's now easier to see all of your own check-ins as well as keep up with friends.

100 categories and 50+ new stickers, go out and collect them all!

Your all-new profile is where you can explore your map and review personal stats.

Onboarding - What's New
↗ Open



Slowly has helped 1,383,000 users building more than 4,938,000 friendships.

Your letter will be on its way! Mailing time on where you & your pen friend live. Will your letter be worth the wait?

A nickname & an avatar are all you need. Who says a picture is worth a thousand words? Speak your mind & connect freely to the world.

Share your passion with the world. Matches based on common interests & languages. Ready to seal your first letter & meet a new pal?

Connect & unlock hidden stamps! Discover more than 100 stamps from around the world by taking to new friends or traveling!

Set up your profile, Pick some topics you are interested in, Set your language

↗ Open


Onboarding and asking for notification permissions

New design changes: With this redesign the growing tree has been replaced with hand-drawn badges that you unlock over time. As a thank you for being a v1 user, we'd like to offer you this special badge for your profile. Found member: Accept badge

Build healthy habits: Badges are a great way to visualize your progress and build a new habit. Unlock new badges as you practice your meditation and breathing. Grasshopper. Next badge: 5 sessions

Daily reminders: We send inspirational quotes as a subtle reminder to meditate and breathe. Set reminder time

"One conscious breathe in and out is a meditation" - Eckhart Tolle

Onboarding and asking for notification permissions
↗ Open


2019 redesign

The top level tabs have roughly stayed the same while the visual style has been tweaked to be cleaner and the owl has been redrawn.

The Clubs feature is being A/B tested against the Leaderboards tab (and some users aren't happy about it: Petition to save Clubs)

Content screens
2019 redesign
↗ Open


Upgrade to Premium

Unlimited Access: Get access to all tracks, courses, and exercises along with all future content

Real-world Projects: Start from scratch and create apps, websites, and other projects for the real world

Personalized Curriculum: Get a curriculum that picks you up where you are and takes you where you want to be

Goals and Achievements: Set goals, get on streaks, and collect achievement badges as you form a habit

Payments & Checkout
Upgrade to Premium
↗ Open


Coach marks on top level tabs

Welcome home: This is your home screen. Jump into your next session of the Basics here.

Discover something new: Explore the Headspace Library and find new meditations to try.

Your Profile: Track your stats, see your milestones and manage your settings here.

Coach marks
Coach marks on top level tabs
↗ Open


Chat bot onboarding and permissions

Congrats on joining our 2 million strong community. We created this app to make daily motivation as easy as texting a friend.

First things first: Each weekday, we'll message you with a fresh take on how to own your day. We'll call 'em Shine Texts.

We'll just need permission to hit you up. Click "allow" when the popup appears. Cool?

Chat bot onboarding and permissions
↗ Open

Cake Browser

Making a Search

After you type in a search term, you can hit one of the buttons below – Search, Video, Images, News, Shopping – based on what you're looking for.

What makes Cake different from other browsers is that rather than searching for something, opening new tab, pressing back, opening another window etc – you can simply swipe between results.

Search & Filters
Making a Search
↗ Open


Onboarding and signup

Continue with email/Facebook/Google, Log in

What's your email address? (Note the use of popular email addresses as buttons to complete input faster)

Create a password

What's your name? (PS: The indicator and numbers are broken)

Hi! How old are you? (This option is skippable)

Notification permissions. What gender do you identify as? This helps us find you more relevant content (Female / Male / Custom)

Pick your country. We want to make sure we find the best ideas for you

Welcome to Pinterest. Pick 5 or more topics

Onboarding and signup

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